(Re)Design Part 2


In the Kandinsky poster above we see many elements of International Typographic Style. The designer provides a strong use of negative space throughout the whole image. The text and images have been slanted/rotated slightly but all at the same angle. This poster was clearly made using a strong grid layout. The text “Kandinsky” provides a strong dominant and the rest of the poster shows a nice visual hierarchy.


Tips from Chip Kidd

-Kidd used the following  tips to create this unique book cover.

-Kidd used the following tips to create this unique book cover.

When designing a book, Chip Kidd has given the following tips:

“(1) “A book cover is a distillation.” It’s a “haiku” of the story. Ask yourself this question, “What do the stories look like?”

(2) “Once the book designer has read the text, then he has to be an interpreter and a translator.”

(3) Finished books need a “face”–the book cover provides a first impression on what the reader “is about to get into. A book designer gives form to content.”

(4) “The book designer’s responsibility is three-fold: to the reader, to the publisher and most of all, to the author.”

(5) “Even though we love publishing as an art, we very much know it’s a business too. And that if we do our jobs right and get a little lucky, that great art can be great business.””

Chip Kidd on Typography

-A Chip Kidd piece helping kids/pre-teens with typography.

-A Chip Kidd piece helping kids/pre-teens with typography.

When Chip Kidd was asked about how he picks his typefaces he said that he tries to keep it “trendy”. “Personally, in terms of my typography, I think it’s pretty conservative and not very adventurous, because I worry about something looking trendy.” Chip then goes on to talk about how all of his books are hard cover. He must think about how it will look in a couple of years and not just the present.

“Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design” by Chip Kidd

-"GO a Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design"

-“GO: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design”

“GO: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design” By Chip Kidd is a play on words. Its a clever and fooling name because of he uses his last name “Kidd” instead of “kid” when it is in fact a book for children. This book is aimed to introduce children into the Graphic Design world and how to get started. Although it is meant for children, many different age groups can learn from this book.

Importance of Chip Kidd’s Work

-Naked by David Sedaris

-Naked by David Sedaris

Chip Kidd’s designs shows a certain importance to the consumer. He grabs their attention and makes the reader want to read this book more than the others on the self. The reason he is so important to the book design is that he puts a distinguished image to the books idea. In this image the book is called “naked” so he made the cover slip act as a pair of boxers and when you take the cover slip off it shows an X-ray image of a human waist.

Jurassic Park Cover

Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

-Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a very known piece of Chip Kidd’s work. He was influenced to create it when he got a book from a dinosaur museum and saw the image of the T-Rex bones and said that the real image of a dinosaur is a mystery so why not create a image that is factually correct.